9th October 2018

[PAUSED]Scheduled Migration :: mi3-wss1 to mi3-wss12

Details of Outage:

Services should remain up with short periods of downtime as database are locked for migration. Users will need to update their DNS records if they are not using our name servers. If users are using our name servers then DNS records will be updated automatically

What's being migrated & upgraded?

The entire server will be migrated from mi3-wss1 to mi3-wss12

The server will be upgraded from 2012 to Server 2016

The server will be upgraded from SQL 14 to SQL 17

Update : October 10, 2018 2:34PM EST - We have migrated 103 accounts, but DNS won't be updated to mi3-wss12 at this time. All accounts will continue to be hosted on mi3-wss1 until further notice. The Migration from mi3-wss1 to mi3-wss12 is being paused until further notice.